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COVID-19 and business continuity plan

In these times of pandemic and the surge in remote use of critical applications and networks by people working from home, information systems must continue to operate normally to ensure business continuity.


ip-label is offering to help organizations whose operations are affected by COVID-19 to handle this crisis as best they can with free monitoring. In addition to improving responsiveness in the event of a breakdown or overload, measuring availability and execution times 24/7 allows you to validate the impact of technical measures that you implement, such as increasing capacity.


ip-label is committed to providing FREE assistance to companies and organizations that need to monitor and measure the availability and performance of their online applications and services as experienced by their employees, customers and partners:


  • up to 3 months of monitoring a web portal via the Internet (Chrome, IE11 or Firefox)
  • up to 3 months of monitoring a critical intranet application using an internal Newtest robot (Windows)
  • up to 3 months of installation checks for a VPN endpoint from the internet (Windows IPsec / SSL)


To sum up – Newtest & Datametrie Solutions / Synthetic Monitoring (FREE):


Operation Benefits
  • Implementation of user paths on your critical applications (websites, VPN, business applications…) from an existing network (operators) and/or cloud, intranet

  • Measurement of availability and performance at regular frequencies

  • Alerting in case of unavailability or degraded application performance

  • Diagnostic assistance (HTTP traces, screenshots, video, etc.)

  • KPIs for near real-time/long-term monitoring


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