Early bird session: discover our new offer RIAlity

February 03 2015

New in 2015: multiple-browser synthetic monitoring of your web site

The next early bird session takes place on Thursday 12 February (9h30 – 10h00)

Riality Offer








  • Why measure a web site’s response times on more than one browser?

Internet Explorer accounts for no more than 30% of visits; how you measure your site’s performance must reflect this change. Datametrie RIAlity brings you not only simplified language, but supports Firefox and Chrome as well. Furthermore, editing and replaying user transactions is easy to do with our Cloud Scripting offer.

  • How does third-party content affect web performance?

80% of web site problems stem from content, tags, advertising networks, and other outside elements that are managed by third parties. Find out how ip-label’s new big data platform can help you to gain fast, consolidated insight into all of your content at once.


Join us to learn how our customers from Axa to ZDF rise to these challenges by putting our latest product evolutions to work for them!


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