Early bird session: Internet of things

March 17 2015

Next session: what performance means in the context of connected objects and services (Internet of Things). How can you ensure that users are getting the availability and quality of experience they require?

Thursday, March 26th, 2015 / 9:30–10 am

Internet of Things






Connected services and objects are becoming an integral part of every business sector, from automobiles to insurance, pharmaceuticals to the retail marketplace. They are an underlying trend of digitization that even the most traditional industries are facing. Still, are these new services keeping the promises they make?

Everyone knows at the personal level that this is often not the case – every time we grumble in frustration at our smartphones, for example. In a corporate setting, how can your customers and colleagues be ensured availability and quality of experience with these new usages? How can you dialogue, on the basis of tangible proofs, with all the parties involved in user experience, including operators?

Usages are evolving, and so are the tools and methods for measuring them. During this webinar, we will take stock of the new challenges presented by connected objects and look at the state of the art with an ip-label expert and representatives of a number of industries that are directly affected in their daily business.