Early bird session: Real-User Monitoring

March 10 2015

Next session: How real-user monitoring can help you anticipate performance problems in your web apps

Thursday, March 19th, 2015  – 9:30 /10am 


Real User Monitoring

RUM (Real User Monitoring) gives you insight into the experience of your actual users on their own devices (PC, smartphones, tablets, etc.). In the current context of multi-channel marketing and mobility, this all-encompassing view increases your control over the performance of your internal and external web applications.

Our technology integrates the latest evolutions in AJAX granularity and the use of W3C standard navigation timing with the latest state of support by browsers.

At this webinar, you will find out how our real user monitoring RUM solution enables you to monitor and break down your performance with an extended level of analysis down to the version of your application, the type of server (production, pre-production, etc.), the type of client, etc.

The volume of data requires advanced processing. We will look in detail at how our ‘data science’ approach enables you at last to benchmark and detect anomalous operation automatically using RUM.