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Newtest Robot

Newtest Robot 8.0

Dear Newtest customers and users,

We are pleased to inform you that version 8 of the robot is now available in our customer extranet. This version brings you the following new features:

  • all robot and NTBR flows are encrypted, either via STCPIP or by the new NHTTPS using TLS available on NMC version 3.1 (robot 8 compatible)

  • license based on the host name (no longer the PCID) for better compatibility in all virtualized environments

  • Windows scripting: click on Windows object name primitive [ClickOnObject]: depending on the application, it is possible to do without image recognition

  • Template manager to keep a scripting and best practices template

  • IP Analyser: IPV6, TLS1.2 compatibility

  • New retry options on Cancelled and Aborted statuses configurable with the function [SetErrorStatusHandler]

  • Video slideshow format (NFV) for lower machine resource consumption in session execution mode

  • New centralized configuration tool, “Newtest Start Menu”, available in the taskbar. It allows faster access to all configuration tools (session, autologon, NRM, etc.)

Note concerning secure flows: The benefit of using NHTTPS is that it rests on a suite of public protocols (TLS) already subjected to numerous attempts to break the encryption, which constitutes good practice from a security point of view. TLS flows can be activated in 2 ways:

  • NTBR (v8) and web users to IIS: known port 443. An enterprise certificate must be imported to IIS for the NMC/NRS/NOP/NWS sites.

  • Robots v8: NHTTPS flows to a new dedicated listener installed on NMC (port configurable to needs). Newtest 3.1 documentation, available in your extranet at www.ip-label.com, provides details on activating the listener using the configuration tool ‘Newtest Start menu’.


Robots located behind a collector are encrypted with the TCPG (STPIP) protocol for Robot 8 and the Newtest Gateway (available as from October).

This diagram summarizes the flows supported on Robot 8/NMC 3.1:

Newtest Robot


Important - please bear in mind:

  • Starting with version 3.1, the product no longer supports historical standard HTTP (bidirectional). This means that migration to STCPIP should be carried out for any 7.6 version robots which require it prior to upgrading to version 3.1.

  • Robots behind a collector must necessarily be upgraded to version 8 when migrating the server to 3.1 so that they can support the TCPG protocol to the Newtest Gateway (NGW). This operation must be performed by a certified Newtest consultant and requires a robot validation step in the server migration procedure.


We are here to help should you require further information.

The ip-label Product Marketing team


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