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New offer: Analysis of network flows

Fill the gaps in your QoE insights by analyzing your network flows.
The benefit of this solution is that you gain a quick and easy vantage point over 100% of your applications, 100% of your users, and 100% of transactions. This gives you an accurate picture of how your network is doing. Which applications are having performance problems? Which applications are hogging resources? What are your peak periods? Is the bandwidth optimized?You can troubleshoot to determine the origin of any slowdowns, which workstation or application is involved, and more. Read on >


Datametrie What’s new with Datametrie GX in 2017?
The first release of the Datametrie extranet of the year 2017 went live as of 2 February, featuring in particular a new more secure algorithm for encrypting passwords and the managements of PDF reports for the administrator: a new drop-down menu lets you browse reports configured in subaccounts. Read on >


Newtest Major new features of the Newtest 8.0 Robot

This article describes in detail two major new features of the Newtest 8.0 robot. These are the new video diagnostic format NVF, and the new function ClickOnObject. The new video format, NVF, is a proprietary video format which makes differential captures. Read on >

Datalimit: load testing
Datalimit: load testing

The new version of Datalimit is able to stress environments and applications of all kinds (legacy, Citrix, thick client, and more). To address all of your load testing needs, ip-label proposes two types of service. Performance problems can strike at any time in the lifecycle of an application (for instance prior to rollout or upon delivery of a new version). When migrating infrastructures, it is difficult to anticipate how the application will behave in its new context, any possible regressions. Read on >

Mobile APM
Using APM to address shadow IT

Why bring application performance management to shadow IT? How is this possible with so many “off the grid” apps being used in silos across the enterprise? Shadow IT is a force to be reckoned with. The temptation is great to ban unilaterally approved (or even unapproved) apps and devices.These things are nevertheless a fact of life in corporate settings. Over the past 4 or 5 years, the cloud has come of age in enterprise usage.
Read on >

Net neutrality
Net Neutrality – what’s it all about?

Just over two years ago, on Thursday, 3 April 2014, the European Parliament passed a resolution defining the principle of net neutrality and calling for its application. Now, in 2017, the question arises about the means to set up to verify and manage the enforcement of this text at EU level, as well as at the level of the regulatory authority of each EU member state. The matter is important especially for internet users. Read on >

Webbdagarna 2017 : swedish websites performance
Webbdagarna 2017: Performance of Swedish website

On 21 and 22 March the 5th annual Webbdagarna convention took place in Stockholm. Organized by IDG, this is a particularly important event. In partnership with IDG, ip-label audited the performance of the websites of some hundred enterprises represented at the event (as banking, fashion e-commerce, electronics and IT, travel agencies, and grocery delivery). Read on >

CES Asia
CES Asia, June 7-9 2017

ip-label will participate to CES Asia, taking place on June 7, 8, 9 in Shanghai, China. Join us on the French Tech Shanghai Community Pavilion to discover our latest end-user monitoring innovations. Following on from last year’s resounding success, CES Asia will once again provide the perfect platform for Asian based brands and start-ups to showcase their latest innovations and technologies. Read on >

Web performance white paper
White Paper: How to make your web site a top performer

User experience now deserves to be a major consideration for any enterprise that wants to keep its audiences and attract new ones. What makes a website good in terms of performance? How can you improve user experience and boost your website performance? Download our free white paper here.


Analyse your network flows to improve app performance:
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