Environmental Responsibility by ip-label

November 26 2019

Environmental responsibility is the term for all behaviors and actions which aim to minimize the impact of everyday business activities on the environment. We have just initiated a major program in which all of ip-label’s 125 employees are involved in France and at our 5 international offices.

Environmental responsibility, or “eco-responsibility”, means new choices in how we manage the company, what and how we purchase, and how we organize our work, in addition to investments and promoting workforce awareness.Green

Environmental responsibility is the drive to minimize our impact on the planet by making sure that our everyday organization fosters sustainable actions like:
– reducing and managing waste reduction and management
– controlling our energy consumption
– limiting water, air, and land pollution
– minimizing greenhouse emissions
– lowering our use of non-renewable resources
Beyond these environmental aspects, our commitment is also built on socially responsible and ethical foundations.

The art of driving change is a difficult one. Changes must be understood and gradual to be sustainable. This is why it is important to inform people, target improvements, and above all, avoid doing everything at once. At times, some actions may appear to be minor or even useless; nevertheless they will have a very considerable impact in the long term.
Taking action, at the very beginning of a project, may be all about asking the right questions:
– What steps can easily be taken?
– What is within reach and can be done right now?
– What can we act on with the greatest efficiently?
– How about setting a target, a priority to start with?

This is exactly the approach that we took recently within the ip-label group. 8 major focus areas resulted from it:
–    save energy with precise monitoring of VMs in operation at cloud providers
–    conserve water
–    use less paper and ink (printing and photocopying)
–    curb the use of plastics
–    recycle equipment better, particularly computers and related hardware
–    recycle more efficiently and sort waste
–    choose more ecological transportation
–    raise awareness and train employees to think and behave in environmentally responsible ways
For each of these focus areas, measurable indicators have been created and will be monitored to trace the effectiveness of the decisions. The indicators will be examined each quarter by the Management Committee, and quantitative goals will be set. ip-label will also select its suppliers and providers according to their green policies, including Green IT.
ip-label is a signatory to the Climate Tech’Care Initiative established by the French Conseil National du Numérique. As such, ip-label undertakes to marshal its efforts in favor of COP21 commitments to limit global warming.
Environmental responsibility is, in fact, one of ip-label’s fundamental values, as much as innovation, our international outlook, listening to customers, respect, employee development, and the priority given to internal career mobility.

Eric Varszegi, CEO


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