Application Performance Management

Managing application performance means being aware of the state of applications and having the ability to take action to optimize them. The ultimate goal of APM is better business. Business success depends on user productivity and customer satisfaction, so end users are the focus when measuring, optimizing, and investing in application performance.


Application Performance Management (APM)

Application performance management involves discovering that a problem exists, figuring out what and where the actual issue is, and lastly fixing it thanks to application troubleshooting (for example, being alerted to application downtime, isolating the root causes of the problem, and then tuning code to resolve the issue).

But how do you know when a problem exists (real time) or will arise (proactive view) with your app? How can you identify where the problem lies in a diverse and complex IT landscape? What exactly are users complaining about? Where are the bottlenecks, or what slice of code is causing havoc? Is slow service affecting all users or just the ones at a specific location?

It is the purpose of application performance monitoring to provide you with the answers to such questions, and supply the information and insights you need to efficiently manage application performance. In other words, monitoring is where application performance management starts; application monitoring is the basis of APM.


Application Performance Management


APM tools and solutions

Since the point of managing application performance is to keep users happy and productive, user experience is a main focus of APM endeavors.

In the APM software market, ip-label has always stood out for its resolutely user-centric approach as well as for the quality of the assistance it provides. All of our APM tools and services which contribute to application performance management are based on end-user monitoring. This is because performance isn’t a pure and simple technical matter involving solely technical components. How end users experience your applications – the quality of experience of your apps – is what counts. The aim is to improve user experience, user satisfaction, and user productivity.


APM software suite from ip-label

The solutions, services and methodologies that we develop in pace with demand for application performance management solutions provide a comprehensive end-to-end view of how your apps are running. We offer APM software for deployment on-premise (licensed software) or as a service (SaaS).

These application monitoring services and products can be combined, used singly, implemented as needs arise, or set up for continuous proactive monitoring. The scope of testing can be limited to certain geographical areas, or deployed for worldwide application monitoring. Reporting functionalities process collected data to yield meaningful, intuitive reports. Now you can show & tell how application performance metrics correlate with business KPIs.

Take a look at our products and business cases to see how ip-label has benefitted enterprises over the years, helping them to leverage their investment in application performance management and ensure optimum ROI.