Monitoring critical applications

In our digital world, any organization’s operational performance and ability to achieve goals are closely tied to the performance of the applications that drive their business. So enterprises have to keep the risk of unavailability or performance problems to a minimum on their mission-critical apps. ip-label’s solutions monitor the performance of critical application services to help companies align their digital services with business objectives.


Monitoring critical applications

Critical application monitoring gives you insights into the quality of service experienced by the users of your applications and digital services, so you know what’s happening on their side. You can even proactively catch errors before they affect user experience… and business performance as a whole. End-user experience monitoring  thus enables companies to:

  • track the availability and performance of critical transactions
  • speedily respond to defective or deteriorated mission-critical services
  • get at the root cause of incidents to keep them from occurring again
  • assist the helpdesk and operators in managing and resolving incidents

Business application monitoring end-user metrics can be used in service level agreements and for reporting, along with business KPIs, in comprehensive dashboards.


Monitoring performance of mission-critical apps

ip-label offers a range of solutions for end-to-end monitoring of the performance of critical transactions on your network applications, virtualized/cloud applications, server software, and other digital services:

  • internet services: your web site, e-mail services (SMTP/POP3/IMAP), streaming, downloads (FTP, TCP), etc.
  • business applications: Citrix, Lotus Notes, business software (SAP, procurement, HR, logistics, etc.), mobile apps (iPhone)
  • and also the quality of your network.

As an ever-increasing number of critical applications for business are provided as cloud-based SaaS, it is important to ensure staff productivity and customer satisfaction by monitoring the quality of service delivered over the cloud, whatever the type of client interface (thin client or browser, thick client or virtual desktop, etc.). Whatever the configuration of your applications, the organization of your enterprise, or your deployment constraints, ip-label can provide you with the critical application monitoring solution that best matches your needs for monitoring the availability and performance of your mission-critical applications.