Nagios Integration

Our APM solutions are open and can easily integrate with 3rd party products such as the exemple of our Newtest & Nagios integration which offers a full visibility of performance.


Newtest & Nagios Integration

Newtest is a product whose purpose is to measure, monitor, and improve the quality of application services and the level of service provided to the user on his/her workstation.

For control rooms we also offer an additional optional component, Newtest Operation Portal (NOP). It provides a summary view of the state of services. This offer consists of three components:

  • a standard, configurable operation display (image wall)
  • access to a library via web services
  • plug-ins for integrating Newtest data into Nagios

Newtest and Nagios can now communicate with each other, thereby conveniently extending the scope of supervision. In this way you can access the results of end-user measurements (response times, numeric value, or character string), information on the state of the transactions monitored by scenarios (available, unavailable, warning, alarm, etc.), the list of alarms underway, and more. With Newtest and Nagios a single supervision console can be quickly implemented, freeing you from having to develop new plug-ins or additional tools for which there is no company to provide support. You thus lower the costs and time needed for integration, a wizard assists you with script configuration, and you have the possibility of creating your own reports.

When used with the Newtest Operation Portal module, the solution provisions Nagios in real time. This enables classic monitoring of the IT infrastructure on the Nagios console alongside applications whose monitoring is carried out via Newtest.


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