Quality of Experience

Application performance and availability of digital services have an immediate impact upon a company’s productivity, revenues, brand image and reputation. Measuring quality of experience allows companies to monitor the performance of services as your users’ experience them.


Monitoring quality of experience (QoE)

Quality of ExperienceThe success of your business depends largely on its ability to offer outstanding application performance to end users (staff, clients, prospects and partners). Assessing user experience remains a major challenge due to a continuously evolving IT and user landscape. However, performance and user experience must be managed to ensure users are able to use your IT services in good performance conditions. How can you be sure if an application is readily available and responds well to user requests?

ip-label’s Quality of Experience (QoE) Monitoring solutions put the end user at the heart of the business by tracking and auditing if users are satisfied regarding the service supplied by your IT department. Such application performance tests can be performed when launching a new service to identify potential bottlenecks and to ensure an application’s platform can withstand load during peak-traffic periods. Once applications are launched, our solutions allow you to track user experience to optimize and improve performance over time.


QoE metrics to improve performance

ip-label is the European leader for measuring and monitoring end-user quality of experience (QoE) for all digital services. Our QoE monitoring solutions are complementary to traditional quality of service approaches which concentrate on monitoring technical elements of the delivery chain, such as the network database, server, etc. ip-label offer both synthetic performance monitoring and real-user monitoring tools to measure the quality of user experience whatever the application or user context (cloud computing, mobility, etc). Tracking user experience enables companies to improve overall application performance and thus improve user satisfaction. Happy users, happy business.

What to improve app performance and user experience?

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