Web Monitoring

Digital performance is a major issue for all types of companies and thus monitoring web performance is essentiel. Your website must reflect your brand image in terms of content and functions (videos, chat, streaming, third party contents, online requests, etc) but just as importantly it must also be in phase with your brand image in terms of performance and user experience. The complexity of the user environnement (multi-browser, devices, mobility, etc) make this challenge even greater.


Web monitoring to improve your digital performance!

Web Monitoring

Monitoring Web Performance

Poor web performance will have extreme consequences on your business and brand: lost revenues, poor corporate image, user and customer dissatisfaction, etc. Therefore, website monitoring to proactively track user experience and application performance is crucial to ensure your succeed your web strategy.


Website monitoring and user experience

ip-label offers web monitoring solutions for all types of web technologies. With ip-label you will benefit from our metrology network covering more than 100 measurement points across the world. It is the densest and most representative offer in Europe, with 40 measurement agents spread out in many countries including Spain, Sweden, France, Russia, and Central Europe. It is our wish to provide ip-label customers with the most pertinent view of the internet in Europe. Performed in real time, around 70 million measurements are taken on a 24/7 basis. Thanks to a number of agreements signed with international and domestic operators ip-label can fulfill its role as an independent third-party supplier of the right performance indicators, in push mode or on request.

Since 2011, we also offer as a complement to the active monitoring (synthetic) approach based on Robots, a real-user monitoring solution. This offer allows web performance to be tracked (end-user monitoring) for ALL the users of your website. Therefore it is possible to gain insights into performance actually experienced by individual users whatever their usage context (all devices, browsers, locations, OS, etc). Thanks to our new generation end-user monitoring solutions combining active and RUM technologies we can offer you a solution adapted to your needs.


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