Website performance

Web users are increasingly demanding in terms of web site performance. Consequently web site performance must match user’s expectation in order to gain new customers, increase loyalty as well as to communicate a positive brand and company image. Moreover, web site performance is equally a factor  in terms of search engine optimisation – SEO, google ranking and generating consequent web traffic to your site.


Business and web site performance are linked

A web site performing well enables you to generate more income or business activity :

  • 40% of visitors abandon a site whose pages take longer than 3 seconds to load
  • 25% fewer searches on Google when page loading time increases by 500 ms
  • 3% higher conversion rate for Walmart when they improved loading time by 1 second

It is there vital to monitor web applications to measure performance for user’s.

Measuring quality of experience to improve your web site performance

From a user’s viewpoint, web performance is expressed in several ways:

  • the time it takes to generate and load a web page
  • the time it takes to load all of a page’s elements,
  • the smoothness of the browser’s processing of p age elements.

ip-label’s end user monitoring solutions enable customers to determine website performance in real time regardless of website technology and the level of complexity involved. The main advantage of our web site performance monitoring solutions is the ability to act as a virtual user to therefore accurately measure his/her perception and experience. We combine this vision with our real-user monitoring tools which measure web site performance for the real users of your site regardless of the usage context.


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