How can you measure quality of experience for Citrix applications?

April 10 2014

Join us on 29 April for a special Citrix monitoring webinar.  As a Citrix user, you are well aware that your distant users of citrix based solutions are heavily dependent uponapplication availability and performance to achieve business productivity goals. Given this business-critical reliance, the challenge is how to control and optimize service delivery of published applications to your end users.


Newtest meaures QoE for Citrix applications

Citrix MonitoringThe Newtest solution offers added value to Citrix customers by proactively monitoring availability and performance of Citrix applications from the end-user’s perspective. The lightweight, distributed and scalable Newtest architecture makes it possible to perform service level monitoring from strategic locations across a widespread Citrix deployment. For comprehensive awareness of Citrix application service levels, Newtest offers advanced and multi-user reporting capabilities as well as advanced trouble-shooting.

Join us for our webinar on 29 April at 10h (CET) to discover the key benefits

  • Increased visibility accelerates problem identification and resolution
  • Diagnostics including video capture helps identify incident responsability between Citrix Admin & business application owners
  • Monitoring from and end-user’s perspective preempts reduced business productivity
  • Proactive supervision notifies business service managers in advance of SLA compliance breaches
  • Exclusive Newtest image recognition and OCR technologies ensure stable and lasting test scripts

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