Track the service levels agreements of your cloud applications

March 06 2014

Nowadays IT teams have to deliver the best possible service to their increasingly demanding clients, and IT departments have transformed into service centers. They have turned to the cloud to host their applications in order to facilitate access to information for their users (web mode) as well as cut operating costs.


 Service level agreements – keep control in the Cloud!

cloud computingIn this context, how can IT teams guarantee user satisfaction ? How can they check the cloud service provider’s commitment to satisfactory performance and availability of the applications they host?   Join us for a special webinar to find out why end-user experience monitoring is the answer!


The user’s perspective for smooth operation of your services

The notion of user perception or quality of experience, takes on its fullest sense to enable effective tracking of access availability and response times of services in the cloud. Only the user’s view supplied by an outside company can keep you informed of the actual availability and performance of access to services so that you can check compliance with your Service Level Agreements.


Take part in our webinar on March 27th at 10 am (CET) which will show you how to:

  • set up and follow your SLA‘s in the cloud.
  • determine the origins of degraded performance.
  • be notified of anomalies before user complaints come in.
  • build reports based on performance.
  • identify the origin of errors by type or by geographical location.