Inside the Firewall

March 12 2014

Among the challenges of operating in China, one issue that most European companies face with their IT systems and business applications is how to provide their users in China with acceptably fast access to such resources. Time spent waiting for pages to load, or applications to respond can cause frustrating delays within your organisation, and can also lose you customers. This is where end user experience monitoring can help.


 Discover some of the common factors affecting performance in China

Arthur Hamon, Asia Pacific Director for ip-label (a leader in the quality of experience – QoE – market, says that if it is worth spending the time and money optimising and deploying systems for use on the Chinese mainland, then it is worth investing time and money to identify and fix connectivity or slowness issues to ensure that these systems are working at their optimal capacity for Chinese users.


When a website’s homepage takes more than 2.6 seconds to appear, it is estimated that 58 per cent of visitors will click away from the site. Eighty per cent of these visitors will not come back and two out of three will talk negatively about their experience with people around them. For eCommerce websites the business impact is obvious; for brand awareness sites there can be an adverse effect on a company’s image. This is true in the fashion industry, but also for B2B activities too. How is it possible to consistently convey an image of quality and know-how to your prospective and current Chinese customers if your website does not display correctly for them? The waste of time, efforts and eMarketing budgets goes without saying.


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