ip-label, a global presence

November 28 2019

PoP-1Over the years, ip-label has been implementing monitoring solutions for its customers around the globe. The rise of cloud computing has enabled us to multiply our points of presence, which were initially deployed in data centers, as our map of PoPs illustrates.


Our historical presence in Europe has allowed us to set up a compact mesh of measurement points. We are therefore able to provide the coverage needed to pertinently measure the performance of our customers’ applications via specific telecom operators ( such as Orange, SFR, Iliad, British Telecom, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, and others) as well as on neutral connections with cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.).


Our strength: we offer a multi-cloud solution, and also have the capability of integrating with many providers of virtual private servers (VPS). This enables us to multiply our possibilities worldwide.

If you need to monitor your applications from additional areas, you have only to contact your sales account manager to find out about all of the possibilities ip-label has to offer.