ip-label and Coservit join forces to give customers a diagnostic advantage

December 16 2019

ip-label and Coservit have teamed up to bring customers full visibility across the entire application delivery chain, with in-depth insights at application level and IT level.

ServiceNav from Coservit is IT infrastructure monitoring software. Datametrie and Newtest from ip-label are end-user synthetic monitoring products. Now ip-label user-side application monitoring information can be combined with Coservit technical monitoring results.

This is done by integrating Newtest or Datametrie scenarios (automated transactions) into ServiceNav, to provide ServiceNav displays with application status and performance information. The integration is simple to implement using a service template. This integration gives customers the diagnostic advantage of visualizing end-user availability and response times alongside server performance and technical metrics in ServiceNav displays and Dataviz dashboards from ip-label.

Coservit - ip-label

Source: Coservit

The recent partnership between ip-label and Coservit is an important step, and opens new prospects of how end-user response time and availability translate the ‘weather’ of IT infrastructures, particularly in the cloud contexts measured by ServiceNav (IaaS, PaaS, etc.). ip-label is pleased to work alongside Coservit, and looks forward to fruitful cooperation with this provider of intelligent insight software.