ip-label awards prizes for Swedish website performance

April 24 2017

On 21 and 22 March the 5th annual Webbdagarna convention took place in Stockholm. Organized by IDG, this is a particularly important event bringing together professionals of the digital industry in Sweden.


Webddagarna Stockholm 2017

Webbdagarna 2017 - Performance site web suédois

With 1600 participants, Webddagarna is more than just an event where people come to talk about their know-how. It is the convention of the year, where attendees gather to share and network with each other.

In partnership with IDG, ip-label audited the performance of the websites of some hundred enterprises represented at the event, specializing in fields as diverse as banking, fashion e-commerce, electronics and IT, travel agencies, and grocery delivery.

The websites were rated on the basis of 7 criteria: website access success rate, application success rate, access performance, application performance, design performance, access performance stability, and application performance stability.

These criteria are indicative of the quality of various aspects of a website, such as its ability to provide smooth, fast responses to visitor activity, whatever the time of day, or to make the best compromise between the abundance of information to transmit, its visual appeal, and the fluidity of exchanges between the online visitor and the website..


The heros of web performance in Sweden

On the strength of their experience acquired over the years, banking websites were those that showed the best overall performance. Unsurprisingly, therefore, it was the website of a bank, Swedbank Sverige, that won the trophy for the best site of Webbdagarna 2017. A resounding congratulations to the winners in all five categories: Swedbank Sverige in the category ‘banking sector’; Inet in the category ‘electronics and IT’; Norwegian in the category ‘travel’; Hemköp in the category ‘groceries’. H&M in the category ‘fashion’.

For another chance to see our keynote speech at this event and the trophy awards, check out our video (in Swedish):


Web performance video