October 30 2020 By Posted in Expertise

Core Web Vitals: out with the old, in with the new?

This spring, Google’s Chrome team revealed the new page experience metrics it was defining. Three new Core Web Vitals will carry weight in the Google search algorithm in 2021. But will other web performance metrics become obsolete? And what about browser APIs like Navigation Timing?     Core Web Vitals: new page experience metrics May 2020 ...

October 07 2020 By Posted in Product News

Ekara Studio: user journeys are finally easy to understand!

Application monitoring with robots entails setting up reference user journeys. These journeys or paths describe simply, step by step, the series of actions to perform on the application. Among the classic examples of user journeys are ordering items on an e-retail site or, in the corporate world, checking a supplier’s invoice on an accounting application. Robots run these ...

August 17 2020 By Posted in Expertise

Firefox reorganizes and cuts 250 jobs

The Mozilla Foundation, responsible among other things for the development of the Firefox browser, has just made two key announcements in the middle of August.   In a first press release, Mozilla confirms that it has renewed its contract with Google for 3 years with regard to the default Firefox search engine. This information indirectly highlights the extreme ...

July 02 2020 By Posted in Expertise

Mobile apps to the rescue? Tracing contacts to break the chain of infection

Contact tracing apps in the context of the novel coronavirus pandemic give rise to great expectations, but to effectively track interactions and process data, these applications must aim for 100% availability and performance. As the mainstream press focuses on privacy issues, we have reviewed technology papers to look at the general principles of digital contact ...

May 25 2020 By Posted in Product News

Introducing Ekara Real User Monitoring

Product line: Ekara Version: 20.1 Available from: June 2020   After many months of intensive work backstage, we are proud to announce the launch of Ekara, our brand new application monitoring product line.     Why Ekara? ip-label is putting on the finishing touches and getting ready for the kickoff of