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NAM: the new multipoint ARC

Before describing the new concepts of the Newtest Alerting Module (NAM), let’s review the characteristics of Newtest’s current alerting system, the Alarm Routing Center (ARC). The ARC is based on centralized collection of alarm messages received from robots. Grouping by logical clusters in accordance with

November 07 2015 By Posted in Product News

Newtest Portal new features: Newtest Gateway

Newtest Collector is the component of the Newtest Enterprise Portal (NEP) suite that handles the transfer of robot data located outside of the LAN (or VLAN) whose security rules do not allow incoming connections to the NMC server. The component thus plays the part of a collection server from which NMC retrieves robot data.   Newtest Gateway replaces ...

November 06 2015 By Posted in Product News

New Datametrie console

There have been a number of developments of interest to you in the Datametrie console: responsive display which adjusts to large and mobile screens new drag & drop functionalities for configuring Supervision groups

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Velocity 2015: HTTP2, the current situation

HTTP/2 (aka H/2) was discussed at a number of sessions at Velocity 2015 in Amsterdam. Here are a few nuggets about this new version of HTTP. Google, an engine with a purpose for this new protocol We all know that Google is working hard (and generating work) on the ecosystem in improving the performance of web sites. According to the US business ...

October 29 2015 By Posted in Expertise

Velocity 2015: A toolbox for performance testing and analytics

The Velocity convention always give us a chance to discover or rediscover a whole range of free tools designed to help developers test and analyze performance. Here is a selection of some very interesting ones:   Tools for the web For testing and debugging web sites Fiddler is not new but it ...