December 09 2015 By Posted in Product News

A simple supervision console using Ajax with Bootstrap, jQuery, and the Datametrie API

This post describes how to build a simple console for supervising your Datametrie monitors. The architecture is that of a web page developed on a customer web site (extranet, intranet, etc.). At regular intervals it retrieves to the user workstation the most recent status of Datametrie ...

December 03 2015 By Posted in Expertise

SLA in a cloud environment

For reasons of economy and efficiency, the cloud has become an increasingly indispensable part of the application chain. The IT department is responsible for the quality of the digital services it provides to the company’s internal and external clients. And yet, when those services depend on the cloud, IT finds itself in the position of a client with respect to cloud ...

November 23 2015 By Posted in Expertise

APM… how about if we start at the beginning?

Nowadays everyone swears by APM (Application Performance Management): consumers, IT specialists, and lots of others. But what actually is APM? First let’s take a look at one of the building blocks that makes APM what it is: user experience monitoring.   End-user monitoring an essential part of APM Yet technological progress ...

November 14 2015 By Posted in Expertise

The Customer Success Team

Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority at ip-label. Last summer we reshuffled our teams to create a new organization: the Customer Success Team. Customers benefit from personalized follow-up in line with their business environment.   The Customer Success Team: “We Care. You win.” The  Customer Success Team is the ...

November 07 2015 By Posted in Product News

NAM: the new multipoint ARC

Before describing the new concepts of the Newtest Alerting Module (NAM), let’s review the characteristics of Newtest’s current alerting system, the Alarm Routing Center (ARC). The ARC is based on centralized collection of alarm messages received from robots. Grouping by logical clusters in accordance with