November 28 2019 By Posted in Product News

Expertise, assistance, advice… New consulting offers to help with your everyday needs

The latest satisfaction survey that was conducted among our customers taught us that people still are not very aware of all that our consulting services have to offer. We take the opportunity of this article to review what our offer consists of, and to give you a preview of our new expertise and assistance offers designed to match your ...

November 05 2019 By Posted in Expertise

Citrix load testing

Citrix environments offer the advantage of sharing server resources to ensure good working conditions for coworkers. On the other hand, the risks of platform unavailability or delays can be greater. To anticipate incidents and guarantee application performance, the platform must imperatively be tested in real-life situations.     Complexity ...

October 31 2019 By Posted in Expertise

Full-service load testing: let the specialists give your applications a checkup

There are many good reasons for load testing: to ensure performance in peak traffic periods, optimize return on investments in digital services and, in the application lifecycle, for changes in the infrastructure, to deal with performance problems, and as part of quality practices.   Challenges that make load testing worthwhile Still, sometimes the ...

October 23 2019 By Posted in Product News

Newtest Alerting Module (‘NAM’) becomes a core module of Newtest Enterprise Portal

Alert fatigue is a well-known problem in the control room where too many monitoring systems too often send alerts that are not always relevant or lack the necessary high-level aggregation.   Newtest is one of the key monitoring technologies for modern Operations Teams when it comes to application performance measurements. As such, we, at ip-label had to make ...

October 18 2019 By Posted in Product News

Newtest now integrates 2 new plugins for Splunk & Nagios

Newtest2Splunk and Newtest2Nagios, for ready-made integration of Newtest data into your current systems monitoring.   Splunk