June 19 2019 By Posted in Expertise

Making sure cloud applications live up to expectations

A few years ago, cost-efficiency was a common argument in favor of migrating to the cloud. While cost is still an important factor, the primary reason cited by companies nowadays is to improve the speed of IT service delivery.   Speed is now cited as the main reason for moving apps to the cloud Speedy deployment and streamlined management of ...

June 12 2019 By Posted in Expertise

Measuring speech quality

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has established a recommendation for assessing the perceptual quality of speech in vocal communications.   Measuring the quality of voice communications Of the various methods, the full reference or FR method is the most widely used. It yields the most reliable results, but one constraint is the need to ...

June 11 2019 By Posted in Product News

New on our Newtest SaaS platform

If you are a customer (or future customer) of our Newtest full-service solution (Newtest SaaS or “NaaS”), get set for 2 significant innovations coming this fall: our latest Newtest version (Newtest v4) and new custom reporting!   The many advantages of our Newtest SaaS offer Our Newtest SaaS offer lets you delegate the upkeep of your application ...

March 18 2019 By Posted in Expertise

How end-user monitoring tools can contribute to continuous integration

This post takes a look at how and where end-user quality assessment fits into the software development practice of continuous integration and considers the advantages of solutions that interact with web, Windows and mobile applications.   Continuous integration and application quality Looking back over the past year, ‘continuous integration’ or ...

March 18 2019 By Posted in Product News

Dataviz, a tool to enhance the value of your Newtest data

Users of ip-label’s Newtest solution are fully aware of how powerful the software is, especially its ability to monitor applications of all types, from a simple web service to intranet environments or even a thick-client type of environment.   Dataviz – a powerful and dynamic tool These users have made