October 23 2019 By Posted in Product News

Newtest Alerting Module (‘NAM’) becomes a core module of Newtest Enterprise Portal

Alert fatigue is a well-known problem in the control room where too many monitoring systems too often send alerts that are not always relevant or lack the necessary high-level aggregation.   Newtest is one of the key monitoring technologies for modern Operations Teams when it comes to application performance measurements. As such, we, at ip-label had to make ...

October 18 2019 By Posted in Product News

Newtest now integrates 2 new plugins for Splunk & Nagios

Newtest2Splunk and Newtest2Nagios, for ready-made integration of Newtest data into your current systems monitoring.   Splunk

September 27 2019 By Posted in Product News

Welcome to Datametrie FLOW

Nowadays we are living in a ‘mobile first’ world: smartphones have become the leading device for using applications, even business apps. The DevOps revolution has totally revamped ways of developing software. Meanwhile, cloud computing has become the norm, and has imposed pay-per-use, subscriptions, and API interfaces. Because the world is changing, your needs are ...

June 19 2019 By Posted in Expertise

Making sure cloud applications live up to expectations

A few years ago, cost-efficiency was a common argument in favor of migrating to the cloud. While cost is still an important factor, the primary reason cited by companies nowadays is to improve the speed of IT service delivery.   Speed is now cited as the main reason for moving apps to the cloud Speedy deployment and streamlined management of ...

June 12 2019 By Posted in Expertise

Measuring speech quality

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has established a recommendation for assessing the perceptual quality of speech in vocal communications.   Measuring the quality of voice communications Of the various methods, the full reference or FR method is the most widely used. It yields the most reliable results, but one constraint is the need to ...