ip-label celebrates 10 years of business in Spain!

October 08 2015
To mark its 10th anniversary in Spain, ip-label has interviewed one of their first Spanish customers, NH Hotels. Find out how ip-label solutions helped them get their monitoring issues under control.

Listed on Ibex 35, NH Hotels (NH stands for Navarra Hoteles) is third in the European ranking of business hotels. Victoriano Castro, IT Infrastructure Manager, has agreed to share his experience using ip-label solutions.



Customer testimonial from Victoriano Castro, IT Infrastructure Manager
Corporate IT & Organization Department at NH Hoteles


What was your initial need (in 2006)?

Our primary objective was to monitor the performance and availability of our critical web and business (back office) applications.


What made you choose ip-label?

Datametrie Global Experience fulfilled all of our monitoring requirements. Moreover, because the teams were on hand (local presence) we were able to develop an excellent business relationship with ip-label teams.


How have your needs changed?

Monitoring, online monitoring, availability and response times, performance… the scope is really broad when it comes to application monitoring! It is important to know all of the ins and outs. Over these past years we have learned a lot, and today we take all of these parameters into consideration and work with ip-label to guarantee the performance of our critical applications.


What are the benefits of choosing ip-label solutions?

ip-label solutions have enabled us to keep control over the performance and availability of our critical applications as they evolve and with respect to their environment.


What are your plans for the future?

We would like to go even deeper into monitoring, with full visibility into the internal operation of our applications to make sure that they are performing optimally.



And now for a look back over the past 10 years at the development of Madrid-based ip-label subsidiary, here’s how the group’s success in Spain is viewed by the team that contributed to it:


Lionel Ortolan
– Pre-Sales Senior Manager
(Country Manager in Madrid from 2005 to 2011)



Why did you choose to go to Spain?
After a first international success in the Benelux in 2003, we decided in 2005 to continue our expansion abroad in Spain, in Madrid, because of its proximity and its growth dynamic. Madrid, in fact, is a hub where most enterprise-class companies in the service sector have their headquarters, and it didn’t take us long to build up contacts and successes in Barcelona, too.


Tell us about your first success stories
At the time the quality measurement market was only in its first stages. So it was really by taking up our pilgrim’s staff and going one step at a time that we had to sell the idea that it was indispensible to monitor digital applications from the user’s point of view. The first customers to entrust us with their business were  TPI, Telefonica Yellow Pages at the end of 2005, followed by the group Recoletos, publisher of the newspaper Marca in 2006, and then NH Hotels, 20 Minutos, Renfe, Metrovacesa, Polaris World, and so on. By the end of that first year, a dozen references were relying on us.




Laura Fernandez Marquez

Country Manager in Madrid since 2011



In the current economic crisis, how do you explain ip-label’s success?
The economy is down, but this is an opportunity for change, the chance to analyze our strengths and weaknesses. All companies, in particular those which are our customers, are seeking impeccable quality of service, an increase in productivity, and sometimes they are feeling the weight of budget restrictions. ip-label brings solutions to such issues, within an affordable budget. Customers can count on our team of application performance specialists. Our solutions are flexible and designed for new technologies. ip-label listens to its customers and is tuned to the market.


How have customers’ needs changed over the past 10 years?
Customers’ needs have changed along with the market, new technologies, and competitiveness. At present, applications are increasingly complex, with multiple development layers and technologies (Ajax, Flash, etc.). The diversity of browsers and their versions makes everything even more complex. This being so, it is necessary to know what the user is experiencing. Mobility is also a major issue; smoothly running applications whatever the usage context are of the upmost importance for guaranteeing their performance. To cover these new needs, it is indispensible to supplement active monitoring with real-user measurement. Our wide range of tools and technologies accompany our customers in their digital transformation. We have customers in all business sectors, including banking and insurance, telecoms, e-commerce, public administration, and mass media.