ip-label European Partners Day 2017

November 23 2016

Over the past years, we have held partners events every two years at our Paris headquarters. These events consisted of technical training, roadmap and marketing presentations by ip-label staff and brought a lot of great content to our partners.


Newtest certified partner training

After our last event in January 2015, we decided it was time for change! This time we are excited to announce that we will be hosting our 2017 European Partners Day in… Madrid!

We continue to see a lot of activity in the Application Performance Management market from both partners and customers. With all that growth and new developments, we recognized that there is an opportunity for us to hold another Partners event to bring fresh technical content to our channel community. The 2017 event will consist of two days on site. It will allow consultants and pre-sales staff to attend and learn essential skills and tips from ip-label experts. You can find all of the details and dates below.


The Details
For our European Partners Day, we will be hosting an onsite event in Madrid. The format for the event will be technical training on a variety of topics including Newtest and Datapm. Everyone is encouraged to participate and share their thoughts, problems, and challenges. The event is designed for collaboration and innovation, and pre-sales staff and consultants of all levels are invited.


The Topics
We reviewed the technical topics that should appeal to our audience. The following top-rated topics were selected (excerpt):

  • ip-label Roadmap & Newtest 3.1 preview
  • Stable, robust scenarios with DOM Scripting
  • Integrating third-party data: benefits, examples
  • Securing Newtest end to end with Newtest 3.1
  • Newtest SaaS? A customer popular request!
  • Application troubleshooting with Datapm
  • Ask the Experts Live / Q&A


Date and Location
The 2017 European Partners Day will take place on January 23 and 24 in Madrid, Spain. We are currently selecting a venue in central Madrid to make it easy for partners to attend.