Discover new generation monitoring with Newtest 2014

April 14 2014

Newtest 2014: QoE monitoring just got better

Newtest2014ip-label, leading provider of end-user experience monitoring solutions are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new version of the Newtest suite: Newtest 2014. This version includes NEP v3 (release Q2) and the Newtest Robot 7.6 (released Q1 2014). A host of new features are provided with the latest version including Real-User Monitoring possibilites for your critical web applications.


Newtest Enterprise Portal 3.0

The version of the server has been enriched with:

  • support of German and Spanish languages
  • improved ergonomics, operational usage and management of user preferences (enriched supervision and operation views, etc.)
  • new analysis functions
  • a new remote management tool “Newtest Monitoring”
  • Newtest RUM: web monitoring of real users
  • and much more

Newtest Robot 7.6

The latest Robot offers a wealth of innovation:

  • Operation possible with Windows Server 2008 OS
  • an enriched web and multiple-browser environment IE/ Firefox/Chrome (DOM Explorer, W3C Performance Timing, etc.)
  • development by library of functions, new concatenation syntaxes
  • Robots for lease
  • and many others


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