High availability Luxembourgish data centers in pole position

A first! Never before has a comparative study been conducted on very high availability data centers. Without claiming to be exhaustive, the study pitted four reputed Luxembourgish operators against five of their British and American counterparts. The outcome is clear: Luxembourg is has taken the lead with performance and availability levels higher than those of competing data centers.

The aim of the comparison was to find out whether the colossal sums being invested in Luxembourg to build very high availability web hosting networks and solutions yield the results hoped for, and how performances stand up to those of other very high availability web hosting professionals in other countries in Europe and beyond.

To do this, we created a technical comparison of the performances of very high availability web hosts – a continuous comparison whose metrics are representative of how an external user would perceive them. In its issue Number 108, Soluxions Business Technologies, a leading publication in the IT press in Luxembourg and Belgium, ran a report of some ten pages on the first results of this new barometer, based on nearly 6 million unit tests conducted between 4 December 2012 and 14 January 2013.

This benchmark will soon be expanded to include additional internationally reputed players
. Forthcoming issues will publish the results that will show whether Luxem-bourgish data centers are holding steady in their outstanding performances against their main international counterparts, and whether these results tend to improve or, on the contrary, point to a decline.

Read the report (in French) on the Soluxions website, here.