Mediamobile: Maintaining high availability & performance of critical traffic services

Mediamobile, a member of the French group TDF, is a leading provider of traffic information across Europe. Through its V-Traffic mobility services, it offers highquality traffic information. Among its chief markets are the automotive industry (onboard navigation systems, GPS devices) and mass media (radio, TV, digital signage, websites, etc.).


Reliable, accurate traffic and mobility services

Mediamobile works closely with the national weather services, emergency response centers, local authorities, and radio stations to provide drivers with up-to-the-minute information about road works, highway conditions, congestion, alternative routes, and safety hazards. Drivers, truckers and hunters are another source of real-time information, for instance about reindeer, elk, and other wildlife collision hazards.

Mediamobile gathers traffic-related data from these sources and millions of moving vehicles every day. The IT team ensures that the information is correctly collected, interpreted, and then distributed over RDS-TMC terrestrial radio, DAB digital radio, GPRS/3G/4G mobile networks, and the internet.


Monitoring critical services on websites

Mediamobile’s business in the Nordics began in the wake of the worst highway accident in Finland’s history (Konginkangas, in 2004). Because fast, reliable information and mapping of road conditions are vital for everyone, Mediamobile and its customers took measures to ensure that these services remain up and running at all times.

“Our traffic information services must perform well at all times. Our business is so critical that the technology simply has to work,” explains Juho Parikka.

It was decided to implement synthetic monitoring of a selection of websites which integrate V-Traffic services, including Mediamobile’s own website.



“Using metrics from user-side monitoring, Datametrie reports demonstrate that we are fulfilling SLAs and achieving our quality goals.Juho Parikka, IT Manager, Nordic Head Office


By 2012 Mediamobile was using 3 Datametrie Single monitors from ip-label to check the availability and response times of its own website in addition to other sites where V-Traffic displays appear, particularly in the form of dynamic maps.

The company decided to upgrade monitoring capabilities in the Nordics by adding 5 Datametrie Total monitors in 2013. At present, 8 Datametrie Total RIAlity monitors track the performance of web pages and traffic feeds from 6 measurement points in Finland and Sweden.

Mediamobile 2


Monitoring web pages with dynamic elements

With synthetic monitoring, the tasks or ‘transactions’ that people typically perform are automated, in the form of scripted scenarios, to conduct 24/7 testing. The Datametrie tool from ip-label runs synthetic transactions day and night to immediately detect any disruptions which could affect the speed and accuracy of Mediamobile’s V-Traffic services.

Mediamobile can view the resulting measurements in realtime Datametrie displays, which represent the user’s experience of the websites, as well as diagnostic information for solving any problems that may arise.

Mediamobile 3

Whenever a web page includes dynamic data visualizations, significant expertise in monitoring and scripting is required. This is the case with V-Traffic real-time mapping, which is available on the websites that are monitored by Datametrie. The difficulty lies in defining ways to automate uniform testing of elements which change constantly.


Meaningful alerts and reports

The ability to take dynamic elements into account correctly is an essential feature of the Datametrie monitoring service, which includes alerting and reporting functionalities.

“We take great care in scripting scenarios. If this is not done correctly, false alerts may occur, especially when dynamic elements are involved. We keep an eye on this to ensure that our customer’s metrics are accurate,” says Kari Titola, Pre-Sales Engineer at ip-label, Finland.

As soon as degraded performance is detected, Mediamobile receives e-mail alerts in real time. Among the information provided are the time, place, and criticality of the problem, to facilitate prioritization and speed up resolution (MTTR).

Furthermore, because any downtime of V-Traffic services can have major consequences, Mediamobile has set strict availability criteria. The results from Datametrie monitoring are processed in monthly and yearly reports to show well the service delivered to end-users meets requirements.

Mediamobile 4

The Mediamobile IT team refers to these reports when communicating with their management and customers. Over the past few years, the SLA score has been 100%!


Logo MediamobileMediamobile is a leading provider of high-quality, real-time traffic and mobility information services, with offices in France, Germany, Finland, Estonia, and Poland.
A member of the French broadcasting and telecommunications group TDF, Mediamobile provides V-Traffic services and solutions across Europe for the automotive industry, as well as for mobile, media, and business usages.