Renault : Guaranteeing the digital performance of the distribution Network

The IT department at Renault deploys strategic sales enablement tools for vehicles and services to assist the group’s distribution network. Renault has high stakes on the performance and availability of these tools, as the distribution network is an important component in its enterprise model.





The distribution of network, an essential link

The IT department renewed contact with ip-label to test network traffic and monitor the performance of the DFM application (sales enablement tool for package deals). The audit by ip-label entails monitoring the bandwidth and related costs on each dealership’s telecommunications systems.


Digitization at the heart of Renault’s strategy

As is true of all automobile manufacturers, connected cars is a key market for the Renault group as it forges ahead with its digital transformation, which is not confined to vehicles. In fact, IT teams are working on ever more innovative solutions, and launched the CSB application (Car and Services Builder) to support sales with digital tools. The application lets sales staff customize all of a vehicle’s options and display them in 3D on various types of devices. The customer can then project how the vehicle will look before purchasing it. This sales app, now an essential tool of the trade in dealerships, is being enriched with more and more features to offer Renault customers a unique digital experience.

“With RUM BI we keep a close eye on the performance and availability of the applications on our distribution network. ” Georges Miniscloux, France Sales Division Information Technology Architect, IT Department

To ensure that the CBS application is running smoothly, ip-label conducted an audit with its RUM BI solution. This audit provided comprehensive measurement of the actual performance delivered to users of the application.


RUM BI, toward optimal digital experience

Convinced by the findings of the ip-label audit, Renault’s IT department decided to resort to the RUM BI solution to monitor the CSB application’s availability and performance across its entire distribution network. RUM BI identifies and diagnoses any malfunctions that arise, and furthermore monitors response times day after day, for each and every user, wherever the user is located (in the office, out in the field prospecting, etc.).

“With more than 450 dealerships and 1000 potential users, the diversity of sites makes analysis and comparison extremely complicated. With RUM BI we can now track response times very precisely in different navigation environments,” says Georges Miniscloux, France Sales Division IT Architect, IT Department.


Connectivity and the devices used depend entirely on the dealership and how the sales staff there operates, so information about slowdowns took awhile to reach IT teams. Feedback was generally propagated through network management activities. Now that RUM BI has been installed on the application, precise information and detailed, timestamped data are transmitted to track performance.

«“Today we have a complete view of response times and usages by implementing RUM BI on the source code of the CSB application’s main pages. We can finally exploit very exact information,”.» explains Georges MINISCLOUX.


RUM BI maps the dealership’s network, supplies recommendations for local IT teams, and also performs real-time validation of upgrades of the Car Configurator app. The IT department can now monitor the service level it has negotiated with the Sales Division and obtain up-to-date reports. Encouraged by this success, the IT management at Renault wants to set up RUM BI as a standard for the Sales Division’s future strategic applications. It also plans to deploy the solution at other entities as a priority for improving application performance and efficiency of operational teams.