The barometer of hosts in very high availability environments

In partnership with Soluxions Magazine, a leading publication in the IT press in Luxembourg and Belgium, ip-label presented in February 2013 the first barometer of hosting solutions in a very high availability environment. Success was immediate because the study took an approach that was unconventional – and yet the most essential — for this type of analysis: quality of experience.


Hosting solutions in very high availability environments, generally certified Tier III or Tier IV, aim to offer their important customers reliable, fast access for users of their web services, wherever they are, whether nearby or on the other side of the world. We have therefore set up a measurement method based on unit tests, and lots of them. The objective is to connect to the web services hosted by the providers in question from a vast number of locations spread out over a group of representative countries. Soluxions Magazine and ip-label presented a new expanded study last November that was enriched with a number of reputed hosting companies: Amazon Dublin, Host Europe Cologne, Orange France, Telefonica Germany and T-Systems Germany.


Download the study