Adoption and Performance of the new Microsoft Edge browser

September 24 2015 By Posted in Expertise

After the official launch of Windows 10, now it’s the turn of Microsoft’s new internet browser to hit the market with the arrival of Microsoft Edge. This new browser will compete with the other 3 main players, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer with the latter soon destined to disappear to make way for the new arrival.  Thanks to the data available from our real-user monitoring solution RUM BI, we have analyzed  Edge’s initial beginnings, which at this stage is not quite up to expectations in terms of early adoption: (IE & Edge have less audience on Windows 10  than IE on Windows 7). Regarding performance, our initial observations show that page loading times are very similar to those observed with Internet Explorer 11 and even slightly slower…so at this stage Edge has yet to prove its true worth….to be continued.

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