An extraordinary autumn!

September 15 2016 By Posted in Expertise

The 2016 fiscal year closed with growth surpassing forecasts, and the group’s next financial year is off to a flying start.

This 48th issue of our newsletter briefly describes a season full of new tidings. You will discover all of our product innovations across our entire product range: Datametrie, Newtest, Datapm, and mobility, covering all of your user experience-related situations. To move ahead farther and faster, we have created 10 new jobs, 9 of which to strengthen our technical teams. This short-term recruitment drive is unprecedented since the beginnings of ip-label.

A new R&D project  has just been launched under the code name “Dragonfly”. Naturally a few months will elapse before what lies beneath the code name is unveiled.

With customers in 25 countries so far, we decided to launch from our Stockholm office a sales offensive on two other countries in the Nordics, namely Norway and Denmark. These actions should strengthen our position as leader throughout the Nordic countries.

I invite you to pay special attention to the Renault business case which gives a precise account of the value ip-label adds to one of the foremost automobile manufacturers in the world.

You’ve got it: brimming with innovations, a major reinforcement of our technical teams, coverage of two more countries, and remarkable success stories, the ip-label group has what it takes to fulfill all of your requirements.


Eric Varszegi,
ip-label CEO.

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