An ip-label milestone in big data analytics

October 02 2015 By Posted in Product News

So far people have been using RUM BI to analyze the performance of web pages.

Now the new version of the RUM BI big data platform combines custom dimensions with new views, a breakthrough in the field of customer knowledge (internal and external) driven by powerful integrated analytical functionalities.

The treemap view, when combined for example with the ‘customer’ dimension that groups the various page types, shows you vital information at a glance:

  • who the customers are who use your app (or not)
  • which sections of the app are the most popular
  • how comfortable it is to use

This information gives you a better feel for how your app is being used, which parts of it deserve priority attention to increase loyalty or improve performance so that you can deliver quality of service that is as close to perfect as you can get.

RUM BI is becoming the essential watch tool that helps you anticipate terminations or cancellations, for instance, which may be due to underuse of the application or response time problems.

You will also find it easier to select customer panels to test the latest functionalities, or even target customers that you want to give priority to working with on certain parts of your app.



David Blavier, Associate Technical Director at One2Team


« RUM BI’s new analytics mean that I now have a bird’s eye view of how my customers are using the One2Team service. At first it was a technical tool, but now RUM BI has become an essential way of boosting loyalty and enhancing the customer relationship.».




You can immediately drill down to the data to analyze any atypical behavior.  By way of example, ventilating data along the location axis (origin of the customer’s users) ” shows us to see that 100% of the users are located in Asia.


It is therefore worth considering speeding up the application, for example by resorting to a CDN to externalize part of the content.

Real User Monitoring BI


Use cases for external clients, for instance, are all B2B type applications as well as any business application that is used by subsidiaries, stores, or other entities.

Of course data can also be analyzed along the lines of any of the dimensions that the product offers: access locations, type of device, browser, and a lot more.

Now is the time to get in touch with us for more information about RUM BI and big data analytics.


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