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October 18 2016 By Posted in Product News

ip-label assists its many customers by additionally offering audits with the Datapm solution.

Those of our customers who resort to Datapm auditing are often those who are having response time issues which they are unable to fix even after investigating – a process which can be long, expensive, and ineffective. User frustration persists, and can result in refusal to use the application.

ip-label therefore proposes to assist customers in resolving their incidents. Thanks to its numerous collectors, Datapm can pinpoint the sources of your application’s sluggishness and also help you fix the problem.

The methodology is explained below:

First, agents must be installed on the various nodes in your application.

Datapm audit








The information collected by the agents is transmitted to the Datapm server which will be able to build user transactions (as shown below) from the events that the agents collected.

Datapm troubleshooting audit






As soon as it is implemented, the topology view immediately highlights the problems on your application.













With pertinent diagnostics, it’s simple to delve to the root of the problem. A week of conducting measurements is often enough to glean diagnostics that enable you to locate the problem in your applications. There are a variety of diagnostics at the levels of both the network and the application.


Here is an example of a TCP error:






And below an example of what slow application code looks like:










Thanks to the Datapm tool which offers a wide variety of dashboards, you can analyze response times across the entire range of the application’s components.








An analysis is conducted for the measurement period to identify every one of the platform’s contention points. The report is delivered along with the ip-label specialist’s conclusions, recommendations, and advice.



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