CloudScripting: visual replay of scenario operation from the monitoring console

December 16 2014 By Posted in Product News

We are pleased to inform you that several new features which were developed over the summer are now up and running in the Datametrie extranet:

  • Calendar: flexible selection of start and end dates for a measurement observation period


  • Cloud ScriptingCloudScripting : visual replay of scenario operation from the monitoring console


Cloud Scripting can be used either for editing and viewing scripts in Expert mode, or for simple replay of how a transaction runs, typically in the console for purposes of monitoring. Cloud Scripting can be enabled for you upon request to the support team.


  • Monitoring console: the size of the refresh time display can be configured to optimize it for use on a big screen where it may be difficult to see at a distance.

This summer also saw the upgrade of our iPhone iOS7, Android 4.4, and iPad mobile app monitoring bench. These new developments, in addition to online OS management in line with the current market, bring you features like multiple-operator redundancy and feedback of application debug messages within test details.








Moreover, the end of 2014 will see a number of major evolutions in our Datametrie web monitoring offer:

  • BrowsersIE11, Chrome and Firefox are supported. ip-label is in step with changes in the market shares of browsers. We have decided to include Firefox and Chrome to offer a more exact representation of your users’ perceptions. The multiple-browser measurement tool will also supply new metrics that allow comparison with RUM (real-user monitoring) metrics such as those defined by the W3C, as well as visibility into asynchronous Ajax calls.


  •  Multiple-dimension analysis of your content, internal or external. The function ‘Virtual page’ since the beginning of the year has enabled you to isolate and track specifically several domain groups to monitor thematically, for instance, by focusing on ‘advertising and affiliate domains’, ‘CDN cache’, or ‘tracking’, and so forth.

With ip-label’s Big Data architecture, monitoring of your content becomes dynamic. This way you can focus on a period and, with dynamic filters, obtain a summary view of the performance of your web content.


Datametrie Reporting










Please do not hesitate to contact us for a preview demonstration of these features. We will keep you informed of their release dates.

Dimitri Mottet, Product Owner

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