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May 04 2017 By Posted in Product News

The new version of Datalimit is able to stress environments and applications of all kinds (legacy, Citrix, thick client, and more). To address all of your app performance testing needs, ip-label proposes two types of service thanks to a new and shiny offer.


A stress test to de-stress your apps

Performance problems can strike at any time in the lifecycle of an application (for instance prior to rollout or upon delivery of a new version). When migrating infrastructures, it is difficult to anticipate how the application will behave in its new context, any possible regressions, and how well it can handle load. Datalimit lets you check your technical choices so that you can make the right fixes and significantly improve the performance of your applications (web, business, mobile, thick-/thin-client, etc.). ip-label can help you with performance testing, which we provide in two formulas.

Stress tests conducted by our specialists

Our specialists implement purpose-built tools to provide:

  • a realistic load model to reproduce real-life conditions
  • a tried-and-true methodology that stays on schedule
  • pertinent analysis of data that gets to the bottom of real problems
  • leadership of the various people involved to ensure project success


Your own self-operated load test service

In cases where the customer wishes to be autonomous and conduct load testing independently, ip-label proposes a product license with training. This formula can be built to include:

  • training on the Datalimit product
  • assistance with configuring scenarios
  • guidance for conducting load tests


Technological coverage has been extended to include:

  • Web
  • protocols such as mail, ftp, tcp/ip, udp
  • Databases
  • Active Directory server (LDAP)
  • Open Interfaces
  • ERP/CRM (SAP, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Remedy)
  • VDI (citrix, wnware view)
  • Legacy/Mainframe (IBM Mainframe, IBM Midframe, VT100/200+)
  • Middleware (Tuxedo, Oracle Forms)
  • GUI Level Testing (any type of thick client on a Windows workstation)


Concrete cases of performance testing (Citrix or thick client)

When testing a Citrix VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), the console drives the injectors. The injectors instantiate Citrix/VMware view sessions. The injectors then tun scenarios on thin clients.










In a thick-client test case, the console drives the injectors. The injector is installed on the VDI server. It opens one user session per virtual client on which it runs the scenario.

Thick client










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