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Boosted by 4G deployment, mobile internet is on its way to becoming the primary means of communication in the near future. For native mobile apps as for responsive/mobile web sites, there are high stakes in performance.


Mobility: how things stand

Creating a mobile app can be a laborious process when the phases of the development cycle are not under control. It can be difficult to have insight into the operation of elements external to the application (front-end and back-end), and repeated test-integration-development comings and goings can impede the app’s finalization.

When the application malfunctions in operation, the consequences are considerable and may lead to a decline in application usage or even a loss of revenues or productivity.

As for networks and operators, it is not always clear how to find the best offer in terms of geographical coverage, and agreements do not take into account usage and the quality of experience delivered to the user.


The Mobile APM solution from ip-label

Our Mobile APM solution brings you an all-encompassing in-depth view of the performance of your applications. You can anticipate and quickly identify malfunctions, and also monitor in real time every action carried out by your users to guarantee them the best possible experience.

The solution consists of two building blocks:

  • Synthetic mobile measurement: this technology is based on robots which run a usage scenario to determine the performance of your mobile applications. Datametrie Mobile offers you end-to-end monitoring to enable you to detect stability problems. An alert is issued when malfunctions are encountered, and you can receive screenshots, error logs, and Wireshark traces to help you identify errors.
Datametrie APM Mobile

Mobile Monitoring

  • The mobile real-user monitoring (RUM) building block brings you more precise diagnostics. The Datametrie Mobile APM solution measures and monitors performance directly inside the applications. If offers sophisticated diagnostics on such elements as native code, RAM, CPU, JSON calls, DBMS access, and more.


How does it work?

The Mobile RUM solution can be used in the form of a software development kit (SDK). It has only to be included in the ip-label Mobile RUM library directly within the mobile project before compiling. The technology will then analyze the performance of the various application elements and transmit information in real time to ip-label analysis platforms. This operation can provide you with data in test mode, but also in run mode.


Why combine synthetic measurement with RUM?

You have the possibility of adding a number of items to obtain a precise diagnostic.
You can monitor the request execution time for example, or obtain a variety of detailed analyses (geographical analytical view, global or macroscopic analytical view, etc.).


Datametrie APM Mobile

Datametrie APM Mobile

Datametrie Mobile APM

Mobile APM










Lastly, ip-label can provide assistance during the development of your application (testing & reciept phase), as well as monitor its performance (analytical follow-up) in operation.


William Rang
Deputy General Manager

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