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April 19 2017 By Posted in Product News

Discover our latest news about our solution Datametrie GX! All the latest updates and new functions summarized nicely here. Read on.


What’s new with Datametrie GX in 2017?

The first release of the Datametrie extranet of the year 2017 went live as of 2 February, featuring in particular:

  • a new more secure algorithm for encrypting passwords
  • management of PDF reports for the administrator: a new drop-down menu lets you browse reports configured in subaccounts
Datametrie GX Extranet - Web performance
  • Mobile APM: online configuration of the metrics returned by the Android/iOS SDK


Extranet Datametrie GX

In addition, our Android application monitoring platform was migrated to new Galaxy S6 devices in the first quarter 2017.

  • Lineup (Benchmarking) : renaming of data series by double-clicking the monitor name.

Web performance Datametrie GX
Also in the ‘Lineup’ view, the next version of the Datametrie extranet scheduled for May will enable management of favorites in the ‘Lineup’ view. This view lets you select more than one monitor, and various steps or locations. With favorites, your configuration can be saved for reuse.
APM Datametrie GX



In the wake of the publication of our whitepaper on ‘How to make your website a top performer’, we would like to point out that it is possible to add one or more W3C performance metrics to your Total and RIAlity scenario monitors (Time to Interact, Render start or ‘first paint’ on Internet Explorer, etc.).

Time to render Report


Our customer service staff is standing by to provide you with any additional information you need.

Moreover, the REST/web services API will also be enriched in May with methods for:

  • configuring a monitor’s URL
  • creating a client subaccount
  • assigning a monitor to an account
  • starting/stopping a monitor
  • etc.

These additions take let you take automation of web monitoring a step further into your business processes.


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