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November 18 2016 By Posted in Product News

Datapm is the solution for monitoring the critical applications in your data center. This APM solution can instantly pinpoint the reasons behind the poor response times and errors affecting your users.

Datapm is evolving and offers even more new features in addition to expanded coverage of applications (such as Citrix applications, for instance). Our customers today use this solution either for permanent monitoring to continuously improve applications or to troubleshoot application performance over a specific period.

The Datapm solution integrates seamlessly into ITIL-based quality practices, particularly in incident management, change management, and capacity management processes.


Groups and data feedback in the topology view of your apps

New features have been made available with the release of version 4. User transactions can be grouped together. The purpose of this is to define functional steps in the same way as for a user scenario. All of the transactions in a step can be grouped together under the same name.

Datapm troubleshooting











You can also perform searches within groups that have been defined in the interface.

Datapm introspection










Datapm version 4 also provides an improved topology view with application exceptions as shown below:

Datapm troubleshooting bugs














By January 2017, Datapm will offer the added feature of system monitoring for your servers. It will then be possible to track CPU usage by the server as well as by the monitored process. Datapm will also return memory consumption and disk I/O metrics.

Datapm troubleshooting











Monitoring of Citrix applications

Datapm will be equipped with a new collector for monitoring Citrix applications. This agent will make it possible to link the end-user of the thin client to the response times of the applications used during a session.

Datapm Citrix









The agent is installed on the Citrix host that serves the applications for a given user. The Citrix agent thus will be able to provide information about the user’s profile in addition to the state of the connection. In this way Datapm returns the user’s view (last mile) for all of your Citrix applications.


Find out more about Datapm audits.

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