Newtest: Disaster recovery plan (DRP)

May 29 2016 By Posted in Product News

As recently announced in the preceding issue of Newtest Mag, Newtest’s disaster recovery/business continuity function has evolved in version 3.0.1. It now includes the DR Director wizard for switching the NEP portal to a failover site and switching back to the NEP portal of origin when it becomes available again.



With respect to WMware virtualization solutions, operation of the Newtest disaster recovery option can be summarized as follows:

  • VMware VMotion (1 cluster on 2 sites): requires a dedicated network for ‘on the fly’ transfer of the VM and of complex automation scripting
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager (2 clusters on 2 sites): synchronization is automated at the storage level (array) and does not require scripting due to the use of the SRM wizard. Nevertheless it appears that this syncing causes a break depending on the storage solution used.
  • Newtest DR application solution: no break, as the 2nd NMC is always active (Y-connected robots), synchronization of payload only (SQL log shipping & files, no OS overhead data to transfer), no scripting (DR Manager). The solution is specific to the Newtest application and requires some checking at key steps.


To sum up, the VMware recovery plan is the most agnostic solution at the application level, but if used it is necessary to reload the Newtest license (change of PCID) within 30 days.


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