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October 20 2017 By Posted in Product News

ip-label is offering Newtest as a Service, a solution which allies the powerful capabilities of controlled environment monitoring with the flexibility of a shared, remote management environment.


Newtest SaaS, a monitoring solution to improve user experience

This solution, based on ip-label’s Newtest software suite, allows robots to be installed in a specific environment, such as the local network to which the workstations of the people who regularly use the monitored application are connected. Robots are installed on workstations like the ones real users have, in order to closely reflect user experience over time.

Unlike the Newtest solution’s conventional operation and administration format, Newtest in SaaS format does not require local installation of the solution’s management environment or even any special database for storing the performance results collected. Nor it is necessary to train a dedicated team to manage and maintain the solution in good working order, or to develop scripts.


Rely on our QoE Experts to manage the Newtest environnment

Newtest SaaS lets you rely on ip-label specialists to manage the Newtest environment. In addition to operating the solution’s management servers and databases, they ensure the stability of scenarios and measurement environments.

Although they are not able to administer the user workstations that host the robots or intervene on the monitored application, ip-label specialists can take care of script maintenance, for example, and alert the appropriate teams with a preliminary analysis. They are also available to help make sense of results and for advice on using the interfaces.

Each month, Newtest SaaS is enriched with new solutions for monitoring, continuously or in the form of audit campaigns, on public or private measurement environments, whether vast or small.

ip-label’s sales teams are ready, willing, and able to present the Newtest SaaS solution in more detail. They look forward to assisting you.

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