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November 28 2019 By Posted in Product News
The latest satisfaction survey that was conducted among our customers taught us that people still are not very aware of all that our consulting services have to offer. We take the opportunity of this article to review what our offer consists of, and to give you a preview of our new expertise and assistance offers designed to match your needs.



ip-label has a unit of some fifteen consultants to assist you and help you measure and improve the performance of your critical applications. Feel free to call on us! We take pride in contributing to the success of your projects.

Our consultants have a part to play in a number of areas: in end-user measurement (training, integrating our products, etc.), at application level (performance auditing, load testing, and more), or even at network level (for example, analysis of the QoS of a network segment, or other needs).


datavizWe also have a data visualization offer (Dataviz) which gives you all the clarity and benefits of custom dashboards designed in response to your requirements. These dashboards integrate metrics from the range of ip-label tools and, when applicable, can also include your own metrics or data. This way you can correlate site performance with the volume of sales, for instance, or take data from monitoring and personalize it to your in-house environments or terminology, and much more.

In the context of a project that you are carrying out or monitoring, ip-label specialists and experts are valuable, rare resources who can be assigned to work with you at your premises for a fixed duration.


On the strength of the many assignments it has completed with success, ip-label’s Consulting unit has built up special expertise in several areas, as represented in the seven new offers which are presented below.

1. Competitive benchmarking
Do you want to know how well your website or application performs compared to those of your main competitors?
We can conduct competitive benchmarking for you.
You will see how you are positioned and identify areas for improvement. You may wish to engage quality practices and have regular follow-ups of your performance.

2. Validation of technological choices
Are you in the process of overhauling the architecture of your site, selecting a CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider, migrating to a cloud architecture, or making other changes to your IT?
We can assist you and measure how well the change works to provide objective information that will enable you to make the best decision or proceed with any adjustments needed.

3. Guidance for defining KPIs
We can help you set up the right KPIs to check your systems, arm you to deal with providers, and empower you to switch from reacting to issues to proactively addressing them.

4. Strategy for international expansion
Are you expanding abroad and want to make sure you have optimal digital presence?
We can analyze your digital performance in your target geographical area and make recommendations on how to optimize it.

5. Monitoring and analysis of metrics
Are you using tools for measuring end-user performance?
We can assist you with the production of custom analyses on a regular basis, in line with your needs.

6. Specification, implementation & monitoring of SaaS providers
Are you using a SaaS provider with which you are encountering performance problems?
We can set up a metrology audit to give you the facts and figures you need to help you identify the origin(s) of performance deteriorations.

7. Front end optimization for websites
Do you want to improve your site and implement FEO (front end optimization) good practices?
We offer an approach which tests various configurations so that you can make the most appropriate choices based on objective insights.


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