If you need expertise in application performance and QoE…

October 27 2017 By Posted in Expertise

ip-label can help! It has come to our attention that some of our customers are in desperate need of specialists in the fields of QoE (user quality of experience) and application performance


Expertise in application performance and QoE

In response to this need, ip-label is now making its QoE and application performance experts available for long-term assignments in addition to conventional ip-label consulting services.

Examples of how this works for our customers:

Our specialists on assignment provide in-house professional services for our key accounts which use the Newtest solution, to assist in implementing good practices and ensure that the Newtest solution is maintained in good working order.

For Datametrie key accounts, ip-label professional service specialists perform the tasks of keeping track of scenarios and analyzing results. We can also provide application performance specialists.
Feel free to call on us to take advantage of the services our professionals provide.

The addition this offer lets you rely on ip-label to take charge of your specific needs, whatever the context:

  • If you wish to rely on your own teams to oversee everything internally, we provide software solutions under license.
  • If you want a monitoring solution without the constraints of having to operate and administer it, we provide SaaS solutions.
  • If you wish to fully delegate management of QoE, we provide our software solutions along with the professionals to manage them and make sure they are running optimally.

Our experts have been specially trained on our products; their certification means they have expertise in good practices and new product features. They are also in direct contact with the development teams behind our solutions.

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