Free Mobile kicks off the holiday season with fantastic 4G service

December 15 2016 By Posted in Expertise

These are the findings of analysis of data collected over the past three months from tests conducted by mobile users. Tests we undertaken running the 01Net SpeedTest assessment app on the networks of the four main French operators.

You may recall that this measurement application was created as part of the collaborative FUI (French interministerial fund) project, baptised PoQUEMoN. The project is backed by the Systematic competitiveness cluster, the Ile-de-France Region, BPI France, and the French ‘DGE’ directorate.

Mobile user and the need for speed

All of the testing carried out by web users shows that they had access to excellent 4G download speeds on the Free Mobile network. Orange users likewise benefitted from very good download speeds. It goes without saying that download speed is highly important for user. For example when viewing videos, as much as for downloading applications from the App Store or Google Play.

4g downloadFig.1: Results of crowdsourced measurements of 4G download speed, in Mbps

Concerning upload speed, the measurements made showed that mobile users benefitted from very good speeds on the Orange 4G network. Upload speeds are essential for such uses as synchronizing photos in the iCloud or posting videos to YouTube, for instance.

Débits Montants 4G

Fig.2: Results of crowdsourced measurements of 4G upload speed, in Mbps

Although 4G technology is gaining ground in France, it does not cover the entire territory. An analysis of measurements on 3G networks demonstrated that the web users who tested their operator with the app had better download speeds on Orange, SFR, and Bouygues networks than with Free.

Débit 3G Download

Fig.3: Results of crowdsourced measurements of 3G download speed, in Mbps

And lastly the upload speeds measured by web users on 3G networks were the best on Orange’s network.

 Débit 3G UploadFig.4: Results of crowdsourced measurements of 3G upload speed, in Mbps

Because networks constantly evolve over time, notably thanks to efforts on the part of all mobile providers to deploy the 4G network, it would be interesting to review the situation again in a few months’ time based on crowdsourced measurements conducted with the same app.

You can download the 01Net Speedtest app here:


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