ip-label Tools: the new toolbox for accurate web optimizations

May 16 2018 By Posted in Product News

To give you insights into your performance problems and help you fix them more efficiently, ip-label is launching its platform to bring you a set of open-source tools dedicated to analyzing the design of your websites and web applications. Introducing… ip-label Tools!


Analyze your site to improve user experience

Our platform is available on: https://tools.ip-label.io


By entering the address of the web page that you want to analyze, you can easily obtain useful information for determining which optimization actions to undertake.



The platform offers 3 tools at the outset:

  • Google Lighthouse

This is the new diagnostic tool from Google. As an open-source project, it is available in Chrome DevTools. It provides a Speed Index indicator, and then identifies your site’s design problems by listing: overweight items, elements that block loading, DOM complexity, etc.



What is Speed Index?
Speed Index is a reference metric representing the user’s experience when loading a web page. It is calculated from the quantity of items displayed on the screen with respect to what should be displayed when loading is complete. Compared to the metrics provided directly by the browser (page load time or time to interact, for instance) Speed Index is calculated objectively: it captures what is displayed on the screen, and does not depend on the functions implemented by browsers (such functions may not be implemented in exactly the same way).

The lower the resulting number, the better. It does not represent a duration in milliseconds, but instead is an indicator that allows sites to be compared with each other.



  • Wappalyzer

This tool analyzes your site to identify all of the technologies it is built with. It can detect the web server, the content management system (CMS), traffic analysis tags… some of which you already know, others not… The ability to identify these technologies and their version highlights potential security problems as well: hiding such information is also a way to significantly improve the site from a security point of view.



  • CDN Finder

CDNFinder performs a full render of your pages and analyzes all of the domains used to load resources: scripts, images, video, etc. It identifies external domains as well as the CDNs used. If some resources depend on third parties with which you do not have a service level agreement, you are exposed to their own performance variations.



A toolbox to supplement our monitoring tools

A few minutes may elapse before the results of the analysis are generated. Requests are processed on a first come first served basis. Your wait time is therefore variable until an execution slot is free, and then the tool runs, before you can see the report.

We have more ideas for tools, present and future, and we plan to work over the coming months to implement them and make them available to you.

To monitor these indicators over the long term, and to set up full monitoring of the availability of your digital services, ip-label offers a wide range of solutions: synthetic monitoring, real-user monitoring, load testing, network analysis, and more. Call on us to improve the efficiency of your digital services!


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