New generation load testing

April 21 2015 By Posted in Expertise

Conventional load testing consists of using several servers, called injectors, to simulate thousands of virtual users. They reproduce the main journeys of your users.  But for a successful load test, it is important make sure you don’t miss the weak link.  Today major changes are taking place in the IT sector and in usage patterns. These developments mean we all have to adapt including our approach to performing load tests.


The high stakes of mobility

The 1st development is in usage patterns.  We are all superconnected, with smartphones and tablets. Sales of smartphones, like sales of tables, have surpassed sales of PCs over the past few years. It comes as no surprise that web usages and communications have migrated from PCs to mobile devices. Load testing therefore can no longer be limited to testing a fixed web site, but now must also cover these different ways of accessing applications (responsive web sites,  mobile apps based on webviews, native mobile apps).





When Developers & Operations become DevOps

The job of developers has become more oriented toward operations in recent years with the arrival of DevOps. Development cycles are more streamlined because of continuous integration and software factories. Shorter development cycles also mean more testing, more regularly. For this reason it is essential to not only quickly identify where infrastructure limitations come from, but also to be able to take a look right at the code.  Load testing pushes your site to the limits. It is the right time to monitor all of these metrics and pinpoint non-performance, which would not be visible with unit tests alone. Load testing provides you with an snapshot of your development or the evolution of your infrastructure.  But in permanent run and build you also need to combine this snapshot with monitoring of your web site on a regular basis.  You can think of it in terms of adding video to a still photo.



load testing



Measuring closer to the user experience

Our Datalimit Mobile offer provides for all recording and replay aspects of mobile scenarios. The solution simulates connection from mobile browsers and different types of connection (EDGE, 3G, 4G, etc.) to closely reflect real experience as well as recording web app or native app scenarios directly from a smartphone.


Our Datalimit Global Experience offer will enable you to compare load testing with the real life of your site. We propose to bring load testing together with active monitoring of the availability and performance of your web site.  Thanks to the load test, we supply you with a model of how your site handles load and how performance changes in relation to load.

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