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September 05 2017 By Posted in Product News

Our Consulting Team can enrich your understanding of how well your IT is functioning by setting up an audit of your network flows.


Fill the gaps in your QoE insights by analyzing your network flows

The benefit of this solution is that you gain a quick and easy vantage point over 100% of your applications, 100% of your users, and 100% of transactions. This gives you an accurate picture of how your network is doing. Which applications are having performance problems? Which applications are hogging resources? What are your peak periods? Is the bandwidth optimized?

You can troubleshoot to determine the origin of any slowdowns, which workstation or application is involved, and more.

Analysis of network flows


How does the network flows audit work?

ip-label installs a network probe, either physical or virtual, to listen to the traffic from all application transactions.

Network flowIt is entirely non-intrusive:

  • agentless (neither on clients nor on servers)
  • no change to the code or injection
  • doesn’t impact on performance (no load related to logs on the servers)
  • no need for specific rights on the monitored systems

Our solutions are deployed in a few minutes without any production downtime.

A specialized ip-label consultant is assigned to you for the entire duration of the mission. He or she notifies you as soon as any peculiarity is detected during operation, and writes a custom report to address your specific issues.


Network flows and performance: real-life benefits

  • Without any special configuration, 100% of traffic is captured and analyzed, from layer 2 to the application layers.
  • Continuous recording of response times and errors with a view to precision troubleshooting
  • Detailed view of each session and every transaction, with a history of errors.
  • Accurate information on each application’s consumption
  • Diagnose user complaints in a few clicks without having to manipulate packets


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