Newtest 2014 is out of the starting blocks

November 09 2014 By Posted in Product News

ip-label is proud to present the forthcoming Newtest 2014 suite. This year ip-label will add to its offerings a new Newtest software suite which will comprise robot and NTBR 7.6 products along with the NEP 3.0 server solution. Functional enrichments for this software suite have been added at every level.


The NEP server solution alone accounts for over 80 changes, among which the main ones are:


  • An overhaul of the communications architecture with an increase in the volumes of data processed, an optimization of processing time, and the implementation of scalable, modular architecture;
  • The addition of an external console for operating Newtest infrastructures (service management, log viewing, data processing statistics module, and more);
  • Interoperability of NMC and NBI modules through the possibility of context calls to NBI reports, integration of outside reports in supervision or analysis contexts, extension or addition of external links to a scenario (documentation, URL, video, link to a ticket management tool, etc.);
  • Enrichment of Root Cause Analysis with cross-analyses, supervision trends, extension of analysis filters, multi-robot measurement chart, multiple scenarios, diagnostics and scenario time chart;



Sample diagnostic chart

  • Optimization and enrichment of data architectures (OLAP, DWH, correlation of data on the NMC side, etc.) with data partitioning, extension of calendar dimensions, SQL 2012 DWH compatibility, and generation of status ranges by analysis of scenario status;
  • Improved ergonomics, with memorization of user preferences in all NMC modules, transfer of preferences from one account to another, generation of data exclusion in context;
  • New supervision view;



Newtest Supervision

Sample NMC supervision view

  • Enrichment of the alerting module (customizable SNMP, customizable e-mailing, external binary call, sending of diagnostics, etc.);
  • Possibility of managing a robot in lease mode;
  • Integration of RUM data (active/passive monitoring, mobile/tablet/workstation multiple-device view).
  • and a whole lot more

Newtest Robot

For its part, the testing and development tool (NTBR/Robot) contains over 40 changes, mainly related to improving the operability of the Newtest Robot solution:

  • Addition of a remote monitoring console which provides :
    • real-time display of robot and scenario statuses,
    • on-the-fly view of robot logs
    • viewing of remote robot screen
    • sending of commands
    • improved disk space management
    • generation of robot operation log package
    • optimization of the development environment (NTBR),
    • compatibility with Windows 2008 in user session…


Newtest Monitoring

View of the Newtest Robot monitoring interface


  • Embellished script creation possibilities

Web scenarios

  • DOM management of multiple browsers
    • management of URLs,
    • forms management,
    • insertion of JavaScript code,
    • text searches,
    • management of checkboxes, drop-down lists, etc.
  • addition of W3C Performance Timing measures,
  • possibility of propagating object measurements by selection.
WC3 Performance

Selection of measurements by object and/or W3C Performance Timing measure


General scenarios

  • new image recognition algorithm: by area that supports font smoothing with high tolerance for changes in background color;
  • OCR optimization through add-ons that manage code insertion or change of code in the development context (calls in context, memorization of context, management of object galleries);
Newtest Voice

Example of image recognition plug-in


  •  new language interpreter which provides for the elaboration of libraries, organization by function, implicit concatenation, management of local variables, and more
  • possibility of enabling Debug mode for a scenario on robots.


As for protocols:

  • extension of the kinds of authentication supported (NTLM/Sharepoint, etc.);
  • availability of extended modes in wizards,
  • network capture aid..

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