Newtest Alarming Module: Use Cases

January 09 2016 By Posted in Product News

The previous Newtest article, presented the new concepts introduced by the Newtest Alarming Module (NAM). In this article we’ll take a look at some use cases relevant to the new module which will be available soon with the release of NEP 3.1.

To illustrate our alarm examples, let’s take the case of integrating data from Datametrie Web monitoring into Newtest (version 3). This way we can use a variety of examples, from the simplest to the most complex, to focus on the new multipoint alerting capabilities that NAM provides.

What you should know is that the Datametrie measurement network’s points of presence (PoPs) are like classic robots in Newtest, with their associated scenarios and underlying ‘Total’ measurement. Below is a view of Datametrie (DTM) robots in the NMC interface.

NMC Controller

Simple alert case 1: 30% of all DTM PoPs show an error


We can set this alarm with a single condition which we can name ‘30 pct POP DTM KO’ as defined below in the configuration panel:

Newtest alarms


The settings for this condition are relatively intuitive in terms of what the alarm is supposed to do.
The alarm is activated when at least 3 of the 9 robots are showing an error simultaneously and continuously, as illustrated in the NAM Supervision Overview window below:

Alarm Module


This Supervision window shows the details, over time, of alarm occurrences:

  • In the upper pane:
    • the alarm status, ‘Alerte Simple 1’, shown in red starting at the time when the alarm is triggered
    • the status of the condition(s) that it consists of (since this alert is built on a single condition, its status depends on that one condition).


  • In the lower pane:
    • the status of the components of the condition selected (orange highlighting) in the upper pane


Simple alert case 2: ‘Total’ measurement exceeds 3 seconds for the same scenario on 90% of PoPs


This alert is also built on a single condition, defined below:

Alerting real-time


Shown below, an example of activation of this alarm when this condition is met:

Newtest Alarm Module


Complex alert case: every PoP in Europe registers 50% of its measurements in excess of Warning level


The European area is covered by 3 Datametrie robots (DTM_PAR_COG = Paris Cogent, DTM_PAR_ILI = Paris Iliad/Free, DTM_MAD_TEL = Madrid Telefonica). Three conditions will be set (one for each robot) following the example shown below for the robot DTM_PAR_COG:

Alert Warning


The alarm ‘Alerte Complexe 3’ is triggered when all three of the conditions it comprises are met at the same time.

As in the preceding examples, in the Supervision Overview we can drill down to the details of the components which give rise to each individual condition. The example below shows the condition ‘50 pct Warning PARIS 1’:

Newtest Alerting
The examples shown in this article are concrete alerting use cases that are easy to understand, but generally complicated to implement for a whole system. The NAM alarms configuration menu is designed to facilitate fast, intuitive configuration, and the window for viewing the details of alarm conditions facilitates identification of the causes that resulted in an alarm.

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